Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization is a part of The Empowered Woman Course. It will direct you to the Path of Transformation. Where you begin to live as a complete human being with balance and fulfillment. If you are committed to the journey then you must integrate the spiritual and human aspect of life.

It is a practice of finding and following your inner guide. It is during meditation that you take the time to get in touch with the wisdom of your soul. During the practice of Creative Visualization is where you embellish your, feelings, and visions you have of your life and the world with color and sound.



My first visit to my internal life;

As I make a safe place inside myself.

I walk down a tree-line path, Soft wet grass under my feet, I enter a garden of my own. Quiet surrounds me.

All I hear is the beat of my heart,

It pulls me in deeper,

Until I feel at peace with myself.

My guide greets me.

She speaks to me…

I let go of the tension in my body. I want to soar into vast sky, but pain strikes me.

It feels as if something has taken hold of my brain.

It is fear,

Its’ sharp claws dig in deep.

I go back to the day

I sit alone on the couch in front of the TV. I am eight years old; silence is my only companion,

Only it does not bring any solace.

Fear and dread spread COVER me like a wet prickly blanket.

Rubbing me with its coarseness

The tiny hairs on my arm stand erect,

At once I become a mother to this small little girl.

I take her by the hand and tell her all is well,

I am here for her, she uncoils into my arms, and we embrace and rock to and for.

I tell her she is safe, I HAVE always BEEN with her.

I ask her what she loves.

She says words and solving math problems.

I tell her

maybe she can be a

Writer or a poet and her words can heal others.

She smiles and Tells ME SHE feels loved and safe.

I walk back up the path and leave the garden,

Back to the waking life,

With a renewed sense of love and security.

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