Vision Board Retreat

The world is your classroom
InformEducation involves facilitating and teaching and
consciously setting out to learn.
Informal learners are often highly motivated to learn.
Often informal learning is self-initiated. The learner is motivated to find the answer to “something” and they go about a variety of ways to learn the information. This can mean asking a colleague, searching online, or watching a video.





Vision Board Retreat

A series of three seminars with a multi-dimensional approach of Visual Arts; Poetry and Drumming.

The participants will discover their source of feminine power and how to show up in an authentic way utilizing a Seven-Step Inner Transformation Program I developed.





Informal Educator…Teaches the Empowered Woman Course to Change Makers and women who do not ascribe to maintaining the Status quo but want to create a better world for children, students and all of Humanity.

She has lived in the shadows of her true self. Keeping quiet because she did not want to rock the boat, be seen as an agitator, trouble maker or radical.

She knows her silence only reinforces more of the same.

She must do something least she watch the world burn.

She searched for other ways to be in the world, glimpsing a greater self, evolving in the shadows and growing stronger in the dark.

Within her is the power to meet any resistance and transform it into something that will propel her forward on her path to the ocean.

The vast potential within a molecule of water that aligns with the sea.




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Womanist Empowerment Series

The Womanist Empowerment Series mission is to empower young women, and girls,  to include mothers who homeschool their children. Women impact the future by developing the minds and intellectual strength of young people.

W.E.S. offers products and services that have the potential to inspire women to develop a Powerful Feminine Presence and reach high levels of Compassion and Courage. This will lead to a positive transformation in the adult/child relationship.

W.E.S. Provides a Vision for Women as Change Makers.

I am an Informal Educator; Host for webinars, seminars; workshops, healing retreats and P.E.P. Talks; A published Indie book author with the mission to empower a New Generation of Feminine Leadership.


Brand Statement:

I bring creativity and intuition back into the lives of Feminine Leaders using my expertise in Personal Development with an artistic approach that speaks to the Heart.


Serve professionals both in the group and individual sessions. Operate weekend seminars and webinars that are affordable to the general public. Conduct school training, workshops and Leadership Retreats.

Gives P.E.P. Talks around the World.

Writer and Publisher of Indie Books, E-books, Printed and, Coursework

Guide to Webinars and Seminars

Host @ Healing Heart Retreats.